The Theme
Just as a good writer does not write, he records the conversation he is; a good painter records a vision of an image that is a direct translation from his imagination. I paint directly from photographs. Capturing images with a digital camera affords me the opportunity to take thousands of photographs. With advance imaging software I am able to crop, adjust and modify the images color intensity until they reach the ultimate express of an image that I have envisioned.

The Adventure
As a landscape painter my focus is to capture the essence of a scene. The process involves eliminating the minute detail that nature gives us and transforming the image into its most essential elements. Some might call it minimalism, but I prefer to refer to the process as capturing the essence.

Once I create an outline of a scene I paint the sky first. The sky sets the emotional sentiment of the painting. From there I move on to various portions of the canvas painting a little here and a little there. Squinting all the time to reduce the complexities and focus on what is most obvious. As the painting nears completion I step back (often), and let the canvas speak to me. If one listens closely, the painting always speaks to you and tells you what is missing or needs adjustment. When the process is nearing completion I wait for the chatter to stop. It is then that I know that I have created a likeness of nature, and I can relax and enjoy the show.
Born in 1945 in New York City, Grant received his formal training at The Boston Museum School of Fine Art. He is a student at the Kello Academy of Traditional Oil Painting.